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Annabel Lee

A Screenplay Based on the Novel 'This Sweet Sickness' By Rebecca Highsmith


David Kinsey is an aspiring writer who works in a factory, in a small urban city, in the west coast of Ireland. He lives in a bedsit/lodging house. He is quiet, enigmatic, full of secrets. We watch him as he struggles with 'the situation,' his sickly feelings for an unrequited love, Annabel, who lives over 100 miles away in Dublin. He writes her letters, hoping to snatch her away from her newly-wed husband, Gerald. We are also introduced to his only close friend, Wesley, and Effie, who stays in the same lodging house, a woman who is as obsessed with David, as he is with Annabel.


As the story unfolds, we watch his mundane day to day routine play out, and listen to his musings about the situation, about Effie, whom he despises, and about the loss of respect he had once gained for Wesley, due to his extra marital affairs away from his wife. Shenanigans that include his failed attempts in courting Effie, all the while claiming to David he isn't interested in Effie and encouraging David to date Effie, instead of obsessing over Annabel.

Things come to a head when he finally receives a letter from Annabel, after months of waiting, who declares she recently had a baby with her husband. Blinded by jealousy, he drives to their apartment to resolve the matter in a last gasp attempt to win over Annabel, only to get into a verbal altercation with Gerard. An altercation that leads to disastrous consequences.

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In this biopic exploration of the life of Orson Welles, he must grapple with truth, fiction, and the power of theatre. A Comedy/Drama in three Acts.

A play based on the theatrical career of Orson Welles. I want to develop this as a TV series, for now, I will post the theatrical script for everybody to enjoy.

There are two characters of Orson Welles, the Narrator Welles, who sits stage right behind his desk throughout the play, and young Welles, whom we first meet at the tender age of 16, when he first arrives in Ireland.


As Narrator Welles...narrates....young Welles acts out the narration through vignettes stage left.

These Vignettes include:

- His adventures travelling the west of Ireland.
- Gaining his first acting job at the Gate Theatre by lying about his age.
- His first night on stage at the Gate Theatre.
- His farewell party when he decides to travel to London, and meets W.B and Georgina Yeats.
- His experience staging the first all black version of The Scottish Play.
- War Of The Worlds and the chaos that ensued.
- His return to Ireland in 1960, Where he staged the final play in his illustrious career, 'Chimes at Midnight' in Dublin.

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