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Inspiration Behind 'The Keelman's Fortnight.

Inspiration comes in many forms, below you will find a few examples of where I drew inspiration from, and the YouTube Channels that I relied on for research.

The Atlantis Commune

The Atlantis Commune is an actual commune I drew inspiration from, resulting in the commune portrayed in the book, 'The House of Novalis.

Primal Scream Therapy

Dr. Janov's somewhat controversial therapy, made famous by John Lennon, plays a major factor in the novel. A therapy I researched thanks to his books and videos, such as this one.

Youtube Channels - TCL & JCS

In order for me to portray actual police progress and the psychological mindset of a criminal, I turned to these  wonderful Youtube channels for research - True Crime Loser (TCL) and Jim Can't Swim, fondly known as JCS. These channels were essential for me,  to undertake the proper research required to write contemporary fiction with psychological and true crime aspects. 

The two channels have completely different styles. While TCL goes into great depth and story of each crime he covers, with great wit and humour, JCS is the master of forensic psychology, his input is mind-blowing, not to mention his knowledge of the interrogation process surpasses anything else seen online.

Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth

Based in Canada, Jim Smyth is a world renowned Criminal Profiler and Master Interrogator, famous for his interrogation of Col. Russel Williams, his use of the Reid Technique causing Williams to confess to the murder of two women. The main Protagonist in the novel is loosely based on Smyth. Here he is interviewed by The Behavior Panel.


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