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The Keelman's Fortnight 

A Novel set against the spectacular backdrops of Galway City and Achill Island, The Keelman's Fortnight (Part One), is an epic tale about obsession, voyeurism, loneliness and the bureaucracy, all the while seeking true happiness in one's self.

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About The Novel

I paid for some marketing data ahead of time, to see my projected sales figures and marketing report, what shocked me the most was that the program compared my novel 99% across the board, in all writing categories, with Nicholas Spark's 'The Longest Ride.' Stylistically we are very similar however our stories are polar opposites, therefore I like to call my novel 'A Nicholas Sparks tale gone horribly, horribly wrong." or " A Nicholas Sparks tale full of sex. drugs, swearing and murder.

It's two stories that converge into one interwoven tale. You have Wesley Harding, A misanthropic loner, a law student studying at NUIG, who looks down on everybody around him. He becomes infatuated with one of his classmates, Myia Dawkins, and when tragedy strikes, he flees from Galway City to Achill Island where he hides out in a commune that practices Primal Scream Therapy. As his therapy progresses he changes his identity, becomes an online cult figure and an internet sensation.

The other story involves criminal profiler, Detective Sergeant Jimmy Daniels, who overlooks the Major Crimes Unit in Galway City. He's sick of bureaucracy and PC culture getting in the way of his job, when he is suspended he ponders whether he can perform his job, in an age where one wrong footing or phrasing causes outrage amongst the public. He must battle these obstacles as he hunts down two missing persons, a young girl by the name of Stephanie Madden, and a student by the name of Myia Dawkins. As the tale progresses, his story-line begins to mingle with that of Wesley Harding.


About Adrian Lavelle

Adrian Lavelle is a writer/playwright who hails from the West Coast of Ireland. He is the proud author of three stage plays, 'A Fig For A Kiss', 'Memento Morte,' and 'Godhead'. which have been staged on numerous occasions in Galway City and throughout the West of Ireland. 'The Keelman's Fortnight - (Volume One)' is his first novel. He currently lives on Achill Island.

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